The safe deposit boxes we rent measure 10×10 x 24 inches deep each box. There are a total of 12 boxes in each safe nest. Dealers and buyers are welcome to rent one safe box for $100.00 each prepaid.

We also offer half nests and full nest rentals with discounted fees and special accommodations.

Half nest for $500.00 prepaid (6 safe boxes total)

Full nests for $1,000.00 prepaid (12 safe boxes total). Additionally, full safe nest rentals can be placed within a dealer booth or table side by request!

WWT safe boxes are under constant 24 hour video surveillance and heavy armed police security.

Optional safe rentals include TL rated armored safes. Pricing for these types of safes will vary by city and are a prepaid only request!

  • Safe deposit boxes are available to all WWT show members. Both attendees and exhibitors are encouraged to rent our armor plated, solid steel safe deposit boxes which are kept under heavy police security and video surveillance.
  • Safe deposit boxes operate on a two key system. Only the registered safe holder can access the safes and will be accompanied by armed security under heavy video surveillance.
  • Safe holders are responsible for keys at all times until the keys have been returned.
  • A fee of $100.00 will be charged to any safe holder who loses their keys.
  • Safe deposit boxes are the safest way to store your merchandise when attending our shows.

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