Miami, Florida – Watch Jewelry And Collectibles Show – November 17, 2019

Come and join WWT at the Double Tree in Miami for a huge watch, jewelry and collectibles show. This WWT Show will be in conjunction with the NAWCC Regional Show at the Double Tree. WWT will be renting safes and showcases for the NAWCC show as well.

*Please Note* All WWT trade show prepaid prices end 7 days before each show. Prepaid rate cut off for this show will be on November 10th, 2019.
All registrations online or at the door will be subject to the posted late setup fees and wait times must be expected! The hotel room block for this event is with the NAWCC.

Inside the Double Tree Hotel
South Ballroom
Salon H

777 N.W. 72nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33126

Pre-Show Schedule

Saturday, November 16th – We will be accepting armored shipment deliveries and safe lockups (6pm-7pm).  You are welcome to use any armored shipping company of your choice. If you need service please contact us and we will help you prepare your shipment to arrive safely. This day and time is strictly for safe lockups and armored shipments. 

Official Show Schedule

Sunday, November 17th – Trade show opens at 9 a.m. to buyers and closes at 5 p.m.

8 a.m. to table holders and early entry buyers only. Limit one dealer per table.

9 a.m. is attendee entry and official show start time.

11 a.m. Noon show opens to the public

Reserve Your Exhibitor Space and Entries for the WWT Jewelry Showcase and Watch Show Today!

Reserve Your Exhibitor Space and Entries for the WWT Jewelry Showcase and Watch Show Today!

(*) Dealer entry fee included with table(s). Spouse entry fee is always free. All others must pay a separate entry fee.

The Double Tree Hotel

Mail in Your Reservation

Address: 777 N.W. 72nd Avenue Miami, FL 33126

Phone: (305) 261-3800 / (888) 353-1995


Mail in Your Reservation

If you prefer to mail your reservation in, please download and print 

the flyer below for any watch show you plan to attend, 

fill in the fields and mail it in today!

Mail your entry in today! Make checks payable to World Wide Traders: World Wide Traders

42810 Mound Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48310

Toll Free: (888) 428-1188

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