Attendee Registration

WWT members have two options of entry. Members can choose to enter at 8 a.m. during exhibitor setup or 9 a.m.

Attendee Fees

8 a.m. Early Entry. No Table. WWT MEMBERS ONLY Enter at the same time as exhibitors for early buying opportunity. $175.00
9 a.m. General Entry. No Table. WWT MEMBERS ONLY 2 hours of member to member only dealing! $50.00
11 a.m. Entry / General Public Entry Public welcome from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. each WWT Show day $10.00

Attendee Registration Process

You are welcome to call in your registration or register online.

Attendee Safes

Attendees also have the option of renting  safe deposit boxes to keep your items in for the entire duration of the show. Our safes are solid steel armor plated safe deposit boxes that are kept under heavy video surveillance and armed guards 24 hours per day until the show ends. For more information on safes please click the safe link on our home page or give us a call.